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From: Frederik Ramm <>
To: libzip mailing list <>
Subject: How to find compressed size of file after adding
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 19:49:26 +0200


I have a program that writes out a zip file with a very large number of
files, and potentially several 100 GB big.

For users who cannot easily handle files that big, I would like to be
able to split my output into several files of the same size. (I know I
can do this after, with zipsplit, but would love to be able to do it
while producing the file.)

I have therefore modified my program to call zip_stat_index with the
index I got back from zip_add immediately after zip_add, and keep track
of the sum of comp_size values, starting a new output file whenever that
reaches a set limit.

However, even though the PNG files I am adding do compress with ~10% on
average, the comp_size I get back from zip_stat_index is always
identical to the size, i.e. it does not correctly report the compressed
size. (Used 1.1 before and thought maybe it's a bug that has been fixed
in 1.5 but 1.5 shows the same behaviour.)

I guess my assumption that the compressed file size is available
immediately after zip_add is wrong.

Is there another way to achieve what I want? I am not after precision
here; I don't need to know exactly when my limit is reached, an
approximation would be fine. I thought of maybe closing the zip file
every 1000 files and re-opening it so that I could check the size on
disk, but that is certainly a very dumb idea in terms of performance...?


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