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From: "" <>
Subject: implementation/configuration of utf-16 file names
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2019 21:15:28 +0000


Having read the documentation of both the tool (ziptool) and library (libzip), 
and in the hope that I did not overlook the relevant configuration option, the 
following "desktop" scenario fails to work as expected:

step 1:  create an archive, where name of (some) files and directories 
contain non-ascii characters.
step 2:  on winnt (any modern version), either double-click or 
right-click to "extract all".
outcome: the extracted files and directories appear in explorer.exe, but are 
incorrectly named (unicode turned into garbage).

To complete the picture, the following scenario does work without any problem:

step 1: same as above
step 2: on winnt (any modern version), extract the archive using any of the 
avilable (semi-)modern command-line tools (ziptool, infounzip, 7za)

Best regards,

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