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From: Dieter Baron <>
To: Erwin Haid <>
Subject: Re: WinZIP AES changes
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 11:24:00 +0200


> On 2018/09/12, at 01:37, Erwin Haid <> wrote:
> Am 16.02.2018 um 08:50 schrieb Dieter Baron:
>> hi,
>> we’ve removed the custom AES implementation and instead rely on standard 
>> cryptographic libraries.
>> (The version we used was several years old, and the new version isn’t 
>> backwards compatible. Instead of adapting to a new proprietary API, we 
>> preferred to switch to standard APIs and use maintained and audited 
>> implementations.)
>> So far we support OpenSSL, GnuTLS and Apple’s native library (CommonCrypto).
>> We would like to also support the Windows native libraries. Volunteers for 
>> writing the compatibility layer would be welcome. It should be doable in 
>> about an hour. zip_random() has also been moved to the crypto backends, 
>> since most libraries implement it. The Windows versions were removed from 
>> the build, but the files are still there for reference.
>> If no supported library can be found, libzip will still build, it just won’t 
>> be able to read/write WinzipAES encrypted files.
>> yours,
>> dillo
> Hello,
> i have added support for AES encryption using the windows cryptography API.

Thank you. We appreciate this very much.

> I haven't worked with CMake and Git before, so i just have attached the 
> source file with the implementation, could someone be so kind to integrate it 
> properly?

We’ll integrate it.

> I have added a comment at the top of the c file with some explanations, 
> because my target platform is Windows Embedded Compact 2013 which has some 
> restrictions compared to standard desktop/server Windows OSes.
> I have compiled the code with VS2017 for Windows 10 and with VS2013 for 
> Windows Embedded Compact 2013 running on an ARM iMX6 CPU. The AES encrypted 
> files created with this code can be extracted with 7-Zip on Windows 10 
> without problem, but i haven't tested too extensively yet.

Sounds great, thanks.


> best regards,
> Erwin
> <zip_crypto_win.c><zip_crypto_win.h>

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