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From: Andreas Falkenhahn <>
Subject: Error inconsistency between zip_open() and zip_open_from_source()
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 15:54:10 +0100

In zip_open() the "errorp" parameter may be NULL but in zip_open_from_source()
it must be set. Since both APIs are described on the very same man page I think
there is a high chance of developers passing NULL to zip_open_from_source()
as well because it is allowed in zip_open(). I did it as well and haven't
notice it until now when I saw that zip_open_from_source() crashed with non-
zip files.

That's why I'm proposing to either add an EXPLICIT note that "ze" must not
be NULL to the man page or change the implementation of zip_open_from_source()
to allow a NULL parameter for "ze".

I'd prefer the second idea because in most use cases you aren't really
interested in why exactly zip_open_from_source() failed so it would be more
convenient if it were possible to set the error parameter to NULL in
zip_open_from_source() as well.

Best regards,
 Andreas Falkenhahn                 

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