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From: Remi Collet <>
Subject: Re: libzip-1.3.1 released -segfault
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 09:14:20 +0100

Le 20/11/2017 à 07:25, Remi Collet a écrit :
> Le 19/11/2017 à 16:41, Thomas Klausner a écrit :
>> Hi!
>> We've just released libzip-1.3.1. What's new?
> Building PHP against this new version raise a segfault during the test
> suite.

PHP bug tracker:

Which is fixed by;a=patch;h=de47d4792fdefbcea023877c931cbdc15dd38963

Some others app may be affected, I can update in Fedora (rawhide only)
to allow more tests if needed.

Fedora bug tracker:


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