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From: Thomas Klausner <>
To: libzip mailing list <>
Subject: libzip-1.2.0 released
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 12:18:31 +0100


We have just released libzip-1.2.0, the first release with support for
AES encryption (using the Winzip version of the file format).

From the NEWS file:

* Support for AES encryption (Winzip version), both encryption and decryption.
* Support legacy zip files with >64k entries.
* Fix seeking in zip_source_file if start > 0.
* Add zip_fseek() for seeking in uncompressed data.
* Add zip_ftell() for telling position in uncompressed data.
* Add zip_register_progress_callback() for UI updates during zip_close()

Please let us know if you find any problems.


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