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From: Sergei Hrushev <>
Subject: Re: Strange problem with zip_fopen_index/inflateInit2
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 11:21:18 +0600

Hello Thomas!

I read your mail a couple of times, but don't see the problem either.
Can you build a debugging version of zlib and step into inflateInit2
to find out what exactly it errors out on?

I recompiled zlib-1.2.8 from scratch and tested again.
And the error has gone. No any source code was changed.

So it seems when "lib" file of zlib is compiled as part of libpng compilation - zip_fopen_index always
returns an error because inflateInit2 call fails. All was compiled under Windows 7 x64 in Visual Studio 2015.

Next interesting question is "will the libpng work properly with new zlib?".
I'll check that.

Anyway thank you for the idea with recompilation!

Best regards,

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