get status flags for zip

libzip (-lzip)

#include <zip.h>

zip_get_archive_flag(zip_t *archive, zip_flags_t flag, zip_flags_t flags);

The zip_get_archive_flag() function returns if the flag flag is set for the archive archive. The archive flags might have been changed with zip_set_archive_flag(); if flags is set to ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED, the original unchanged flags are tested.

Supported flags are:

The archive is read-only.

zip_get_archive_flag() returns 1 if flag is set for archive, 0 if not, and -1 if an error occurred.

libzip(3), zip_set_archive_flag(3)

zip_get_archive_flag() was added in libzip 0.9. In libzip 0.11 the type of flag was changed from int to zip_flags_t m and the type of flags was changed from int to zip_flags_t.

Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>